I am a terrestrial community ecologist and physical anthropologist interested in mammal community ecology, biogeography, and spatial modeling methods.

My research centers on understanding the ecological (environmental and species-level) factors that influence species distributions and membership in communities. The study of community assembly is concerned with understanding how environmental variables and dispersal limitation, as examples, shape diversity distributions. Identifying the community assembly scenarios shaping community membership provides useful information for understanding how diversity distributions have been and will be shaped by environmental change.

I am particularly interested in the interactions between spatial scale, the environment, biogeography, and species traits that influence community composition and structure.

Contact Information:

Katherine H. Bannar-Martin
The University of Texas at Austin
Department of Anthropology
2201 Speedway, Stop C3200
Austin, TX 78712-1723
kbannarm@utexas.edu; kbannarm@ualberta.ca

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