I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Texas at Austin in the Department of Anthropology.

I am interested in mammal community ecology, biogeography, and spatial modeling methods.  I study primate community ecology and conservation in Madagascar, and mammal community ecology in Australia.

I have worked with a variety of lemur species, including Propithecus edwardsiPropithecus verreauxi, Lepilemur ruficaudatusand Microcebus murinus .

My primary research interest is how time, space, and anthropogenic disturbance influence the composition, diversity, and assembly of mammal communities.


Contact Information:

Katherine H. Bannar-Martin
The University of Texas at Austin
Department of Anthropology
2201 Speedway, Stop C3200
Austin, TX 78712-1723
kbannarm@utexas.edu; kbannarm@ualberta.ca

Academia.edu page

ResearchGate page


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