Metacommunity Ecosystem Function

Community Assembly and the Functioning of Ecosystems in Open Systems

Postdoc Research with Morgan Ernest and Mathew Leibold

“Community and ecosystem ecology often focuses on a single community, but communities are often linked because organisms disperse between them.  If dispersal changes the species composition and distribution of functional traits in a community it can alter the functioning of the ecosystem.  We are examining many different ecosystems and taxa to determine the importance of dispersal for determining how the composition of communities responds to environmental change and how this can have cascading impacts on ecosystem function.”

Project Collaborators:

Associated presentations and publications:

  1. Bannar-Martin, K.H., Ernest, S.K.M, Kremer, C., Leibold, M.A. & sCAFE Working Group. (2016). Integrating community assembly into biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships – Results from the sCAFE working group. iDiv Annual Conference 2016, Leipzig, Germany. November 2016. (Podium presentation)
  2. Bannar-Martin, K.H., Ernest, S.K.M, Kremer, C., Leibold, M.A. & sCAFE Working Group. (2016). Ecosystem function in closed versus open systems – separating richness and compositional effects. 101st ESA Annual Meeting. Fort Lauderdale, FL. August 2016. (Podium presentation)
    1. Bannar-Martin KH, Ernest SKM, Kremer C et al. Ecosystem function in closed versus open systems- separating richness and compositional effects [v1; not peer reviewed].F1000Research 2016, 5:1955 (slide presentation) (doi: 10.7490/f1000research.1112807.1)
  3. Bannar-Martin, K.H., Leibold, M., Kremer, C. & Ernest, S.K.M. (2015). The sCafe workshop at sDiv: Community assembly and the functioning of ecosystems in open systems. iDiv Annual Conference 2015, Leipzig, Germany. December 2015. (Podium presentation)

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